About the handling of personal information

The Kagawa Sake Brewery Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) believes that it is the obligation of the association to take responsibility for the personal information provided by the customer himself. We will pay maximum attention to the handling of the personal information you visited from our customers and make efforts to protect them appropriately.

About personal information
Personal information is one that can identify a specific individual by personal information (birth date, other description, etc.). This can include verification with other information, thereby identifying specific individuals.

About the handling of personal information
Registration information registered by the member is possessed by this association and may be used for the following purposes. In addition, we will not use the membership registration information except for the purposes below.

1. For obtaining data in this service. (Gender, prefecture, etc.).
2. For information guidance and announcement of information on services related to this service which are considered useful for this member, information on related services of our association, maintenance information etc. (mail address)
3. For disclosing information when required by laws and regulations. (Item with disclosure request)
4. For other reasons such as when the Association determines that it will adversely affect third parties. (Only permitted items)
About management and protection of personal information
The association protects all of the personal information you have received by encrypting it by taking rational technical measures and is to prevent danger such as unauthorized intrusion of personal information, loss of personal information, tampering, leakage do my best. In addition, only those who are certified by the association can solve the encryption of personal information based on the privacy policy. They guarantee that valuable information we receive from you will always be handled in a safe environment.

About cookies
Cookies are small data sent from the web server to the browser. This allows the server to gather information from the browser. The association uses cookies to gather information on where the user went. By doing this, the contents of access are kept, saving the time and effort of input and access, and it is a reference for providing optimal service to you.
The use of cookies also allows us to provide personalized web content to our members and to access information on their accounts.

It is possible to set not to use cookies in the web browser. However, please understand beforehand that it may not be possible to use part of this service.

Information Disclosure
We do not exclude cases where you sell, share, or lend your information to others other than our partners is described in the Privacy Policy.
However, business partners, strategic partners, affiliated companies, and providers may collect information independently for each purpose, and the use of this personal information is not a place that the association regulates.
In addition, if we are required to disclose personal information pursuant to the provisions of a court, an administrative agency, or other law, or if we are required to disclose personal information, or to investigate crime, eliminate or prevent infringement of rights against third parties, In case of necessity, it is possible to disclose personal information of members within the necessary range, and this member agrees in advance about the possibility of such disclosure.

About the link destination
Please be aware that our web site may post advertisements and collect your personal information at the link destination. This privacy policy does not cover the policy of a third party company.
Because each company’s ideas and policies may differ depending on the company, we recommend that you read the policies of all sites you use.

Change of handling of personal information
With this association, you can change the handling of personal information without the permission of the user. The handling of the changed personal information shall be presented on-line designated by the association, and the user shall accept the handling of the latest personal information.

The handling of personal information shall be in compliance with the terms of use of the Kagawa Sake brewery association.