“Japanese sake day” on October 1st.

2017日本酒で乾杯Cheers with sake of Sanuki! On October 1st, “Japanese sake day”

We will hold a toast event with Sanuki ‘s sake on “Japanese sake day” on October 1st. Please experience the taste and fun of Sanuki’s sake!

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Recruitment of “National Kimchi Championship Kagawa Prefecture Qualifying” participants!

On the day of sake on October 1st we will do the Kishikawa Championship Kagawa Prefecture qualification. The top two people invite free to the national convention held in Tokyo on October 27!

Organized ■ Kagawa Sake Brewery Association
Supported ■ Takamatsu National Taxation Bureau Shikoku Wholesale Association Association Kagawa Prefecture Retail Brewing Association
Sponsorship ■ JA Kagawa Prefecture

Scheduled October 1 (Monday) Heisei 30
Part 1 15: 00-16: 00/2 Department 16: 15 – 17: 30

Marugame-machi Let’s Hall Culture – Room (4th Floor East Building, Ichibancho Marugamecho, Takamatsu City)

【Recruitment Personnel】
25 parts each

【Recruitment Requirements】
Those 20 years old or older residing in Kagawa prefecture (we may check the age)

【Application method】
Fax, E-mail or postal mail clearly stating the necessary matter (name, age, address, telephone number, desired participation time zone, Kikkawa Championship preliminary election application) for the following application form, download of application form, postcard, Please apply at.


【Application Deadline】
Scheduled on Saturday, September 15,

【 Announcement 】
In the case of a large number of applications, we will notify you by postcard directly to winners only by lottery on September 22 (Friday). Winners will be required to bring a winning postcard on the day.

【Contact Information】
Kagawa Sake Brewery Association

 4-2, furujin-machi, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa, 760-0025, Japan



National attention wine Championship Kagawa prefectural qualifyingparticipation form

1st 15:00~16:002part 16:15~17:30

Check out, please read the 『About the handling of personal information』. (Required)